Spring’s Moving in So Get Moving

Start exercising outside this Spring!

With the faint feeling of spring right around the corner, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the nicer days. We are leaving winter behind us and getting ready for hopefully warmer and sunnier days. We get it, exercising in the winter can be difficult, but with the days getting longer and flowers blooming its time to go outdoors and enjoy Spring. For older adults exercising outdoors can be daunting, but the fresh air will help add a change to your life and refresh your want to exercise.

In the study “Outdoor physical activity and self-rated health in older adults living in two regions of the U.S.” addresses the effect on older people exercising outside and the benefits they experience. The study found that people who exercise outside have a better and longer workout than those who work out inside. Exercising outside can be a short walk or even sitting in nature while doing any sort of movement. Improvements include help with vitamin D deficiency, reduced depression and increased bone health. Next time you are working on your exercises at home, try doing them in nature.

How to find motivation?

The best and easiest way to begin exercising is to find a friend. Making plans with other people to meet at the park or an exercise class will increase your motivation and help you stay dedicated. You are far less likely to cancel on your friend, but it is simple to cancel on yourself. There is always an excuse when you are by yourself but going with other people will make sure you are accountable. A friend can also be a furry friend. Walking your dog is plenty of exercise, they too will hold you accountable for your daily walk.

Sometimes we all need a change. If you are feeling down from the winter blues, now is the time to change. By mixing your routine, you will find the motivation to keep exercising. If you like walking, try changing your route or scenery. Not all change has to be extreme, small changes here and there can be enough to find your motivation. By keeping your exercise routine diverse and varied you will not become as bored with your daily routine.

Any form of exercising is better than nothing at all. For older adults exercising outdoors can make a change in your life, breathing some fresh air rejuvenating your mentality.

You can also add a spring in your step and join a Siel Bleu class near you!

***Disclaimer: The information in this post is for reference only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical expertise or advice. If you have any concerns about your own or another’s health, then please contact your doctor.

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