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"While everyone is telling you what you can’t do, Siel Bleu is showing you what you can do!”

At Siel Bleu Ireland we design a number of programmes for the members of organised groups. Whether it be a person living with COPD or a member of the Men’s Sheds Association, no two programmes are the same. Each of our organised groups programmes have been designed in conjunction with experts in the relative field.

Below are a sample of some of the groups who we partner with to provide programmes specifically for their members. If you’d like to talk to us about designing a programme for your members, just click here or call 01 209 6889.

Stroke Survivors with Irish Heart Foundation

Since 2015, Siel Bleu Ireland has delivered physical activity programmes with the Irish Heart Foundation’s Stroke Survivor Support Groups. The programme aims to improve participants’ movement and functional capacity and takes place during the Stroke Survivor Support Group Meetings. Currently all Stroke Survivor Meetings take place virtually, including the exercise element. To find out more about joining a Stroke Survivor Support Group

Exercise, COPD & Me

Designed in conjunction with experts in the field of COPD, our Exercise, COPD & Me programme aims to improve the lives of people living with COPD through exercise focusing on elements such as aerobic capacity and stamina. Exercise, COPD & Me is currently operating online only, to find out more please contact COPD Support Ireland. This project was recently the subject of a Social Return on Investment Study, to read the full report click here.

Parkinson’s Ireland

By adding in movement through various types of exercise our Parkinson’s exercise programme helps to slow down the effects of the disease! The programme focuses on exercises such as aerobic/cardio work, strength training, balance and range of motion which are all useful to those living with Parkinson’s disease. All Parkinson’s classes are currently run online, please contact Mary Butler 087 2434900

Irish Cancer Society - Staying Well While Staying Home

Siel Bleu Ireland have developed numerous programmes for the Irish Cancer Society including Empower! A programme for survivors of breast cancer. Currently we are delivering a programme as a part of the Irish Cancer Society’s “Staying Well While Staying Home” offering. This is a weekly exercise class open to everyone who has been affected by cancer, both survivors and their family. The class takes place weekly online. For more information or to join, click the link here.

The Irish Men’s Sheds Association - Exercise for Shedders

Since 2015, Siel Bleu Ireland has been partnering with The Irish Men’s Sheds Association through the Shedders for Life initiative to make exercise accessible to the members of the sheds. Our programmes with the Men’s Sheds offer an avenue for men to learn about the importance of exercise and to practice physical activity with the guidance of a professional trainer in the comfort of their own shed. In the current climate Exercise for Shedders takes place online weekly. For more information visit

“The Irish Heart Foundation began using the services of Siel Bleu for an eight-week programme in our four original stroke support groups back in 2015. These physical activity sessions were so popular among our members and so demonstrably beneficial to them, that the programme never ended and is now running every week across much of a network that has grown to 20 groups nationwide. What stroke survivors like most about Siel Bleu trainers is that they have the expertise to cater for the capacity for exercise of the individual so that nobody feels either under or overworked. The likeability of the trainers also comes through strongly in annual satisfaction surveys conducted among members. On a broader level, Siel Bleu has been a significant factor in the success of our support service. In particular, their programme has played a crucial role in drawing new participants back each week in the awkward time before friendships are made and they start to see the benefits of peer support involving people who really understand the everyday challenges that fellow stroke survivors face. In addition, the individual reports provided by trainers are important in measuring the beneficial impact of our groups on stroke survivors. I know I am speaking for stroke survivors across all our groups when I say that I would recommend Siel Bleu without hesitation.”

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