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“The Siel Bleu Ireland programme was enjoyed by the service users in Prosper Fingal, Piercetown much more than a standard exercise programme. It provided exercise and fun while they moved their body and engaged their mind in a way which benefited their overall wellbeing, without even realising it. The sound of their laughter could be heard throughout the building”

At Siel Bleu Ireland we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in physical activity programmes for people of varying ages and abilities. Whether working with a Nursing Home, a Residential Care Unit for people with intellectual disabilities, or a Day Care Centre Siel Bleu Ireland’s expert physical trainers can adapt our programmes to suit the needs of each person.

Our Residential/Day Care programmes adopt a multi-component approach to gain the greatest physical and cognitive benefits, combining strength based exercises with other elements such as balance, aerobic capacity, range of motion, flexibility, coordination and cognitive stimulation.

Our programmes have a winning combination of being both enjoyable and beneficial, helping to ensure long term participant buy in and counteract sedentary behaviour.

Each one of our programmes (outlined below) has a triple impact that will positively affect participants’ physical capabilities, social inclusion and mental health.

The benefits don’t stop at the individual participant either, care home staff have reported the Siel Bleu Ireland programmes have a positive effect on the overall atmosphere of the care home environment as well as staff workload.

With a continuous focus on prevention, our programmes challenge common issues arising in care establishments (including falls and dementia) through physical activity in a cost effective way.

Our Team as a part of your Team

Our team of Physical Trainers create strong links within your Residential or Day Care Centre, working closely with your staff to complement other activities and therapies, ensuring maximum benefits for each participant. Your Siel Bleu Ireland Physical Trainer will gauge the ability of each participant based on observations and feedback from care staff. Using that information, they will adapt one of our four residential/day care programmes to meet participants needs and abilities. Our Physical Trainers can also provide reports on participant progress which can be used for HIQA reviews.

Our Physical Trainers are covered by Siel Bleu Ireland’s insurance and Garda vetted. For more information on our team visit.

Fall Prevention - Designed To Reduce The Regularity Of Falls

Our Fall Prevention programme is designed specifically to tackle one of the most prevalent issues in Residential and Day Care settings. Our expert Physical Trainers guide participants through both standing and chair based exercises to gradually increase balance and confidence in their own abilities.

Chair Gym - A Full Body Workout From A Seated Position

With our Chair Gym programmes, participants with limited mobility can experience the benefits of a full body workout from a seated position. The objectives of the programme include maintaining and improving postural control, balance, strength and physical capabilities, while building confidence in participants’ own abilities.

Dementia Gym - For Participants Living with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

The importance of exercise for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias can often be underestimated, however numerous studies show the impact that tailored exercise can have on people’s mood, sleep quality, physical capabilities and communication. Our Dementia Gym programme offers physical stimulation and cognitive interactions.

Around The Table - For The Most Dependent Participants

Our Physical Trainers guide a small group of participants through an activity programme which takes place around a table. The Trainer will give simple and easy instructions and work with participants to stimulate motor and communication skills.

For HC professional based programmes & for all Siel Bleu programmes


With over 17 years of anecdotal stories of the benefits of our programmes and the benefits of exercise from our partner Nursing Homes, Siel Bleu conducted the HAPPIER study in 2013, which is the first of its kind to examine the efficacy of our type of tailored exercise programmes on the residents, staff and overall nursing home organisations.

Funded by the European Commission and supported by the French Ministry of Health, HAPPIER took place in 32 nursing homes across the four Siel Bleu countries with 450 residents of varying degrees of dependency, mobility and cognition.

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