Our Impact

Siel Bleu Ireland’s programmes focus on triple impact benefits.


Physical Outcomes

The obvious benefits of engaging in regular physical activity including improved fitness levels, aerobic endurance, strength, mobility, flexibility and balance to name a few. Our programmes are designed to ensure everyone can experience these benefits while being safely guided by a professional Physical Trainer. However the benefits of our programmes reach beyond physical outcomes.


Social Benefits

Our classes often take place in a group setting, which fosters a team environment and social interactions amongst participants and with the Siel Bleu Ireland Physical Trainer. Our programmes help to increase social wellbeing by ensuring people have the basic physical capabilities and confidence in themselves to socialise with their friends and family.


Psychological Wellbeing

When you combine the physical and social benefits of Siel Bleu Ireland’s programmes, they result in improvements in people’s psychological well being, improvements in mood and overall mental health.

Over the last number of years, Siel Bleu Ireland has commissioned studies into the impact of our work.

Social Return on Investment Study - Exercise, COPD & Me

Exercise, COPD & Me is a community based, pulmonary rehabilitation programme designed by Siel Bleu Ireland in partnership with experts in the field of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). In 2019, through funding received by The Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund, Siel Bleu Ireland commissioned Whitebarn Consulting to produce a social return on investment study into the impact of the Exercise, COPD & Me project. Results showed that for every €1 invested in the Exercise, COPD & Me between €10 and €22 of social value was created. To read the full report download here


With over 17 years of anecdotal stories of the benefits of our programmes and the benefits of exercise from our partner nursing homes, Siel Bleu conducted the HAPPIER study in 2013, which is the first of its kind to examine the efficacy of our type of tailored exercise programmes on the residents, staff and overall nursing home organisations.
Funded by the European Commission and supported by the French Ministry of Health, HAPPIER took place in 32 nursing homes across the four Siel Bleu countries with 450 residents of varying degrees of dependency, mobility and cognition.

Awards and Recognitions

  • The Social Innovation Fund Ireland SED Fund recipient 2019
  • Dublin City Inner City Enterprise Awardee 2019
  • Nutramino Health & Fitness Awardee 2019
  • Charity Impact Award Finalist 2018 & 2019
  • The Social Enterprise Development Accelerator Programme 2018
  • Medtronic Health Communities Fund 2016
  • Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Impact Award Finalist 2016
  • Irish Healthcare Award – Best Patient Education Project 2015
  • Irish Healthcare Award – Best Patient Lifestyle Project 2015
  • King Baudouin Foundation Social Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing Finalist 2014

Customer Testimonials

I have been accessing the exercises 3 or 4 times weekly since March 2020. As someone recovering from 2 serious spinal surgeries. I adjust some exercises to suit my condition, these fall (prevention) workouts and building on my walking has been a lifesaver for last year. Thank you all so much, a wonderful service, great times and fab trainers.

I feel part of a group, especially as I brought five friends on board too and we comment to each other about the classes on WhatsApp. Three of these are in the UK, so it keeps us in contact with each other while doing the exercises. It gives me a routine to follow each day by doing a class at 11am.

Once I had read about them in The Irish Times, I could log in easily every day I wanted. The variety was so good, different exercises, different trainers. So simple to take part from home where it was private – and I could go mad or just go gently!

Being able to do them during the epidemic in my own home, it has helped me especially during lockdown.

Everything. It gives my day a purpose. It is also so good for mental and physical health. Well done to all!

Can work at my own pace, no embarrassment of not being able to manage an exercise in front of others and build up my pace.

I love everything about these exercises. I love that there is variety, different objectives, different teachers with different approaches. I used to hate doing exercises but now I do them almost every day except Sunday. It has really changed my life.

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