Setting SMART Goals


“Momentum breeds success.” – Suzy Kassem

Goals are great, but in order to reach them, we need to ensure we set ourselves up for success. How do we do this? By creating momentum. While motivation gets us started on the path toward a goal, momentum keeps us on that path and prevents us from veering off course. 

How can we build momentum towards a goal? By looking at ways to make our environment as supportive as possible. Let’s take ‘getting more exercise’ as an example:

  • Seek out ways to connect with like-minded people (our Siel Bleu at Home online exercise classes are a great option!)
  • Consider investing in some training clothes and footwear, and have these ready the night before a workout
  • Make family and friends aware of your goal; this holds you accountable and allows you to draw on the support and encouragement of others when needed.
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