Sinead Lonergan Takes the Helm as Siel Bleu Ireland’s New Board Chairwoman

Siel Bleu Ireland is delighted to announce the appointment of Sinead Lonergan as its new Board Chairwoman. With a remarkable 25-year career advising Irish companies on growth strategies and extensive international experience, Sinead brings a global perspective to the organisation.

Sinead Lonergan’s notable accomplishments include managing Enterprise Ireland’s France office, expanding its presence in Lyon, and spearheading the Women in Business Strategy to empower female entrepreneurs and leaders in the Irish industry. Beyond her professional achievements, Sinead is a proud mother of three, and her diverse interests range from cycling and hiking to gardening and theatre.

Siel Bleu Ireland is excited to welcome Sinead Lonergan to lead its board, to ensuring high governance standards and providing guidance on strategy to further expand services into communities all over Ireland, providing increased autonomy and well-being to older adults and people suffering with chronic illness.

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