Getting the Little Things Back in Your Life

Written Aisling Warburton

Siel Bleu classes open up a wide range of benefits to the Older Adult community, the benefits not only include your physical health due to the exercise, but there is also a great benefit on your mental and social well being.

Following on from any diagnosis, no matter who you are or what the diagnosis is, your spirits are going to be dampened. After retirement there can be a lot of changes to your daily life, becoming sedentary and being isolated from friends being a major one. Many people will ask themselves a lot of questions in regard to getting their life back on track to feeling somewhat normal.

Siel Bleu classes are the perfect opportunity for many older adults to get a new lease of life. They are the perfect opportunity for you to attend with a very positive support group with people who you will have similarities with. The classes allow you to get out of the house to have an enjoyable activity with your peer group.

Some of the little things people have achieved by getting regularly physical activity are as follows;

  • Being able to go and complete house chores without feeling the soreness the following day.
  • Simple moves of being able to stand up at ease, putting on your shoes, brushing your hair.
  • Being able to breathe better and move more freely.
  • Entertaining grandkids by being able to join in with their fun and games.

Siel Bleu classes allow you to feel young again.

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