Meet the Trainers: Shane Murphy

This is the third “Meet the Trainers” post which was created to showcase the talent of our awesome trainers. Shane Murphy is in the spotlight this week. His one-year anniversary of working with Siel Bleu Ireland will be this December. Shane currently teaches classes in North Dublin. Get to know about Shane:


What is your background?

I’m originally from Belmullet, Co. Mayo (and very proud!) but moved to Dublin to study Sport Science & Health in DCU. I became involved in exercise training with an older population and after graduating, found Siel Bleu to be a perfect match.


What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job would be bringing smiles to people’s faces on a daily basis. In an ideal world everyone would love to exercise, but it’s not the case. Being able to bring exercise to someone who normally wouldn’t, while making them laugh and enjoy it at the same time is what it is all about. Blood, sweat, tears and laughs!


What is your favourite exercise to teach? 

I love working on balance and coordination with groups. I find people may overlook training their balance or think it may never improve. While improvements may be slow to come, consistency is key. Helping those who suffer from a fear of falling to become more confident on their feet is extremely rewarding. Margueritte, one of our senior trainers, recently wrote a brilliant blog post on the importance of balance training. 


Do you have a memorable story from your experience thus far at Siel Bleu? 

No one single event stands out, but when I started with Siel Bleu, I was told to keep a journal for all the fantastic stories and events that happen on the job. I didn’t, but I am sure that it would be full with stories by now. Each class brings a new laugh each day!

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