Keeping Active During Winter

Staying Active During Winter is as, if not more important than during the summer months.

As the colder and darker months arrive, the need to exercise does not take a break. It’s so important that we’re keeping active during winter. For people of all ages, physical activity is vital to ensure good physical and emotional wellbeing. A sedentary lifestyle during winter months can lead to weight gain, depression, poor sleep and a host of other health problems.

There are a number of options for exercising during the colder months.

If you like to get out to stay active, we’ve put together a few tips for staying safe while exercising outdoors during the winter.

What to bring while exercising or walking outdoors;

  • Correct footwear – waterproof, well fitted, good ankle support
  • Wear correct socks
  • Suitable clothing – breathable rain gear
  • Phone
  • Snacks and water

Tips for when exercising outdoors during winter;

We also have some options for exercising indoors

  • Join an exercise group in your local area and follow the above tips to ensure your safety when going outdoors.
  • Incorporate at home exercises into your daily routine. You can sign up to our At Home Guides here
  • Join a local Siel Bleu Community Class in your area:

Remember, before joining a new group or exercise activity, consult with your GP. Aim to perform 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. It is also vital to ensure that whatever activity you are doing, that you have fun!




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