Exercise For the Strong Women

“Happy International Women’s Day”

This year’s theme is “Balance for Better.” In celebration of the strong women in our lives, we are sharing tips on exercise for older women. We want to encourage balance in every aspect of life, this includes exercise! Improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength, as we get older will continue to make women feel invincible. Regular exercise can help you feel and look your best no matter your age. We want women to live a balanced life, these three exercises will help you reach your goal of healthy living.

  1. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!
    • Stretching can help manage low back pain and arthritis, decrease falling risk, improve posture and increase energy levels. As we age our muscles and joint weaken and range of motion decreases. By stretching you can improve your flexibility, increase circulation and blood flow, and maintain or develop strength. Stress and anxiety create tight and tense muscles. Stretching helps to alleviate the built-up tenseness in your muscles.
  2. Reach for the sky!
    • Upper body and shoulder movements can help the aging process become easier and reverse muscle loss and deterioration. By lifting your arms up, you are improving your posture, relieving lower back pain, building core muscles and strengthen shoulder and back muscles. Periodically throughout the day, reach for the sky and hold for a few seconds. Too easy? Grab a can or something similar to make it more difficult. This exercise will make activities such as lifting or carrying items easier.
  3. Leg raises can do wonders!
    • Leg raises can help strengthen your thighs, hips, buttock and lower back muscles, all help with balance and stability. Since leg raises are done in both a sitting and standing position, they are easy to do at any time. To keep your joints moving to add these to your daily routine. Since they are so simple and convenient, the exercise will not interrupt your day-to-day activities. Balancing is essential in helping flexibility and fall prevention.

Keep it low impact. Modifying these movements and exercises is the key to a successful routine. Low impact means less strain on the body. Exercises can be done standing or sitting, if standing is too difficult, sitting down can still produce impressive results. With the implementation of these three exercises in your daily life, you will live better and balanced. Let us know if you tried any of our tips for exercise for older women.

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***Disclaimer: The information in this post is for reference only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical expertise or advice. If you have any concerns about your own or another’s health then please contact your doctor. 

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