Challenge Yourself to Better Yourself

Push yourself to do something unexpected!

It can be difficult to challenge yourself. Once we are in a comfortable routine we think, “Why would I want to do something else, I like what I am doing now?” but pushing yourself to new limits can be refreshing and rewarding. Challenging yourself through exercise by pushing yourself a bit harder; we aren’t saying to push yourself to the extreme but make your exercise a little bit more demanding. If you want to walk in a 5k, but don’t feel physically fit enough, now is the time to set that as your challenge. We all have an activity we want to someday complete. There is no better time than now.

Setting a challenge as a goal gives us the spark in our life, many people looking for as they get older. For some older adults, they can feel like there is a decline in their physical abilities, independence or cognitive abilities. When you add something new that completely switches up your routine it can be daunting but necessary. We all love routines but there are times when making yourself uncomfortable is exactly what we need.

The challenge doesn’t have to be to run a marathon or lift a certain amount of weight. It can be as easy as walking back from the supermarket or being flexible enough to put your socks on. The most important thing to remember with challenging yourself through exercise is you have to want to do it. If someone else is telling you to do it, you will not have the motivation to follow through with it. You also have to believe in yourself and believe you can make a change. We have the people in our lives that tell us we can make a change if we just try, but deep down we have to believe in ourselves too. If you don’t believe that you can walk in a 5k then most likely you won’t, but if you attack it head on and constantly remind yourself you can do anything you finish the 5k with ease.

The key to challenging yourself through exercise success is to make smaller goals that are measurable. Let’s say you want to complete a 5km walk with the ParkRun, starting small and building up will be the key to your success. Small measurable goals such as walking 500m every second day and building on that achievement week by week will lead to not only achieving your goal but an overall healthier you. Having a plan and schedule helps motivate and encourages consistency.

We understand that setting a challenge for yourself can be tough but the overwhelming feeling of accomplishing something you never thought you could accomplish is worth the uncomfortableness and is extremely rewarding.

Did you know you don’t need to run a ParkRun? Walkers are more than welcome. Check out our friends at ParkRun for more information about a “run” near you.

***Disclaimer: The information in this post is for reference only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical expertise or advice. If you have any concerns about your own or another’s health then please contact your doctor.

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