Why We All Need to Improve Our Posture

Back pain? It’s probably from your posture!

Good posture is something we were always told to have as children and for good reason. Good posture keeps your body functioning in the correct way. With good postures comes well-balanced muscles and can help you prevent injuries. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, it is almost impossible to always have good posture. With that being said there are ways we can try and better our posture. For older adults to have good posture it can help with chronic back pain and other aches and pains.

For seniors, the largest cause of poor posture is physical inactivity. Injuries and falls also contribute to bad posture, due to the body trying to overcompensate and fix the injury but maybe in an incorrect way. Another issue is chronic pain. Arthritis and similar conditions can deter people from exercising. However, even with a chronic condition exercise can help with relieving pain.

Every muscle in our body has an effect on each other. When we hurt a muscle, the other muscles try and take the pressure off the injured area, this can cause other muscles to become fatigued. This is the case with most people’s lower back pain. Bad posture is what causes most of our back pain. Slouching in a chair is one of the worst things to do for back pain. The position can cause unnecessary and excessive pressure on joints and muscles. It may feel like it revives pressure at that moment, but it is doing more harm than good. If you are watching TV or using a computer, try to always be aware of your posture.

To help improve your posture and decrease back pain, participate in balancing programs that will increase your stability. The best exercising in a balance class include forms of strength and flexibility training. Another way to test your posture is to look at the chair you sit in. You want to have a chair that decreases the urge to slouch. If your chair encourages bad posture, maybe look into a more supportive chair.

The best thing you can do to help improve your posture is to stand up and move around several times a day. Try light stretching at least once a day to keep your back and other muscles loose. It is extremely important for older adults to have good posture. Attaining good posture can be a long process, but the health benefits are worth the time and effort.

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