There Are Other Ways to Exercise Than Going to a Gym

It’s OK to Not Want to Go A Traditional Gym

When people say “just go to a gym and start exercising” that is much easier said than done. Traditional gyms are intimidating. You can feel like people are constantly watching you exercise. It is also hard to know what exercises to do at massive gyms. Many people with a chronic disease or condition can feel judged due to being out of breath. It is completely normal to feel shortness of breath, especially if you have a lung condition like COPD.

There are many different activities you can do to exercise than going to a gym. Walking, at home exercises and attending specific classes for adults over 55 can help you get back into exercising. You don’t always have to go to a gym to exercise. Finding the right environment to exercise is just as important as exercise. The best and most enjoyable workouts are the ones when you feel the most comfortable.

Having a comfortable environment helps reduce stress and anxiety and you will enjoy the activities more. If you are worried about people judging, find a friend or people in a similar situation. Some people feel most comfortable exercising by themselves. Everyone is different so people will feel comfortable in different environments. There is a lot to be said about exercising with someone. It helps you keep your motivation and can be more enjoyable. If you are wanting to relax or reduce tension working out by yourself might be the best option.

Not all traditional gyms are intimidating, actually many gyms are senior friendly. Look for a gym that has senior discounts, classes or a buddy system. The buddy system is when you are paired up with someone similar to your activity level that way you can motivate each other while still enjoying the workout. A new trend growing worldwide is senior only gyms. Most of these gyms restrict memberships to a certain age. They also provide low impact machines specifically designed for older adults.

Going to a traditional gym can be intimidating, but there are other ways you can exercise. Check out our exercise classes.

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