Siel Bleu Ireland Receives €13,500 Funding from Hospital Saturday Fund to Expand Services and Reach


Siel Bleu Ireland is thrilled to have been awarded a generous funding of €13,500 from The Hospital Saturday Fund. This financial support is a huge boost to our mission to enhance the lives of older adults through physical activity and exercise. With this funding, we will be able to hire new staff members and extend our services, benefitting 1,400 individuals across Ireland. 

Expanding Reach and Impact:

By welcoming new staff members into our team, we aim to strengthen our existing programmes and introduce innovative initiatives tailored to the unique needs of older adults. Our unwavering dedication to improving physical and mental well-being through exercise will now have a positive influence on more individuals throughout Ireland, empowering them to lead healthier, more active lives.

Enhancing Lives through Physical Activity:

At Siel Bleu Ireland, our approach to promoting well-being among older adults revolves around the transformative power of physical activity and exercise. By incorporating tailored fitness programmes into the lives of older adults, we strive to increase mobility, prevent falls, and enhance overall quality of life. Extensive research highlights the significant positive effects of regular exercise on mental health, cognitive abilities, and social interaction, making our mission even more vital in today’s society.

The Importance of Funding:

Securing funding is a critical challenge for Social Enterprise organisations like ours, particularly as we strive to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. The remarkable funding provided by the Hospital Saturday Fund demonstrates the crucial role that philanthropic support plays in empowering organisations such as Siel Bleu Ireland to continue their invaluable work. By investing in the physical well-being of older adults, the Hospital Saturday Fund is actively contributing to enhancing the quality of life for individuals across Ireland.

Expressing Gratitude:

On behalf of Siel Bleu Ireland and the individuals who will benefit from our services, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Hospital Saturday Fund for their continued support. This support will enable Siel Bleu Ireland to make a lasting impact on the new participants in our programmes and in turn, empower them to embrace healthier and more active lifestyles.

We thank the Hospital Saturday Fund for their extraordinary generosity and commitment to improving the lives of older adults. We hope that this partnership continues to make a profound and positive impact on the well-being of our service users across Ireland.

In 2023, The Hospital Saturday Fund will give £2.3m/€2.5m in donations and grants to medical charities for care and research, hospices and hospitals across Ireland and the UK Assistance will also be given to individuals whose illness or disability has caused financial difficulties.

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