National Volunteering Week

Celebrating the vital role volunteers play with Siel Bleu Ireland on National Volunteering Week

This week is National Volunteering Week (14th – 20th May), a celebration of the extraordinary work volunteers do across Ireland. We thought we’d take this time to acknowledge the role volunteers and Volunteer Ireland play in helping Siel Bleu to reach success.

As a social enterprise and a charity, one of our goals is to keep overheads as low as possible and invest finances in our programmes for participants. To help us do so, we work with Volunteer Ireland and the Volunteer Centres across the country who help us to find amazing people who selflessly dedicate their time to Siel Bleu Ireland.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back, but can also be valuable for people to gain experience in their chosen field while searching for their next career step. We work with numerous graduates and people who have just moved to Ireland, who can gain that experience and references, which helps them to secure future jobs. I myself starting working with Siel Bleu Ireland in 2011 as a volunteer, a role which quickly grew into a career.

Working with volunteers has afforded us opportunities to expand Siel Bleu Ireland that we may not have been able to afford to do otherwise. We’ve had people volunteer their time for numerous roles including translation, administration and communications. However over the last 18 months, ten volunteers have helped us to rebrand the organisation and develop our first awareness campaign coming in June. Photographers, videographers, graphic designers and web designers, have all donated their time to help develop what we know Siel Bleu to be now and raise our public profile, (you can see examples of their work across our website) . For this we are eternally grateful!

Thank you to everyone at Volunteer Ireland and all our brilliant volunteers over the last 8 years!

Below are a list of some of our volunteers and where to find them; we cannot recommend each and every one of them enough!

Web Designers

Eoghan Kerton

Celia De León


Amy O’Sullivan

Fernanda Rojas

Jason Faulkner

Emma Herrera


Siobhán Silke

David Prendergast 

Graphic Designers

Sofia Arvanius

Emily McKenzie

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