Meet Our Trainers: Shane

Our trainers are the best around! This week we are starting a series profiling our trainers to show you just how amazing they are. We are starting with Shane Lee, a trainer in the South Dublin and North Wicklow areas. He has been a trainer with Siel Bleu for 3 years. Read his responses below:

How has working at Siel Bleu expanded your repertoire or how you view training?

Working with Siel Bleu has completely changed my outlook on physical training. I see everyday how you can overcome any potential limitation or impairment to successfully exercise. While I have always participated and advocated in exercise, my work with Siel Bleu has shown me how it can be a truly life altering and enhancing experience. I have been lucky to work with such a broad range of people from different backgrounds during my work with Siel Bleu, seeing how to adapt exercise from persons with a visual impairment to someone who has had a stroke.

How have you grown as a trainer since coming to Siel Bleu?

I have become a lot more confident as a trainer through my work with Siel Bleu, it’s amazing to think there is an audience of participants listening and acting on my advice. It makes me hungrier to find answers and solutions for people attending classes who have questions on certain aches and pains, and I enjoy providing and promoting recommendations on physical activity. I have also developed my skills in terms of the importance of feedback, communication and liaising with healthcare professionals and community leaders. 

What opportunities for growth have you found through Siel Bleu? 

I believe there is massive potential to work with older adults who are perhaps recently retired. I have come into contact with some fantastic community groups and aside from the obvious physical benefits of attending the regular exercise classes it’s the social aspect and comradery that comes from participating in these groups that is also of huge benefit. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of working with/at Siel Bleu? 

I find it incredibly rewarding to hear of people who can overcome previous physical impairments. I had a lady recently who informed me that she could now reach and open a stubborn kitchen shelf on her own where previously she couldn’t. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make such a big difference in a person’s life. I had another man who said his consultant was amazed at the improvements in his overall physical health since attending one of the exercise classes and it’s hard not to be motivated by such improvements in a person’s health.

What part about being a Trainer for Siel Bleu challenges you the most?

The most difficult aspect of the job is about finding new ways to improve classes and to provide new challenges for participants. It’s important to find balance in classes where everyone can participate but where further challenges are provided for those seeking it. 

What keeps you working at Siel Bleu?

The growth in the amount of people Siel Bleu is connecting with motivates me greatly. Siel Bleu is constantly expanding out to new groups and I have greatly enjoyed working with organisations like COPD Ireland and its members. Every class is a project where ultimately you want to improve the physical and mental well being of those attending. Similarly seeing the Irish population age and having the chance to be a part of a positive movement where I am promoting and practising physical activity everyday is a really enjoyable experience.


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