We Adopted the Healthy Ireland Charter!

Siel Bleu Ireland is excited to announce that we have recently adopted the Healthy Ireland Charter and are now part of the Healthy Ireland Network.

The vision of the Healthy Ireland network “is a healthy Ireland, where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health and wellbeing to their full potential; where wellbeing is valued and supported at every level of society and is everyone’s responsibility.” Siel Bleu aligns well with this mission and is already a supporter of positive aging, one of the Healthy Ireland initiatives.

Siel Bleu Ireland aims to provide affordable and accessible exercise programmes for older adults all over Ireland. Siel Bleu works with people at their current level to improve their fitness, act as a preventative health measure, and to give the psychological and social benefits of exercise to older adults.

By adopting the Healthy Ireland Charter, Siel Bleu has agreed to:

  • “Champion and advocate for the Healthy Ireland vision and goals
  • Champion the Network Values
  • Identify opportunities to create and strengthen partnerships
  • Promote Healthy Ireland to internal, external, and international stakeholders
  • Contribute to actively bringing Healthy Ireland to life for all sectors of society by getting involved in Healthy Ireland initiatives”

Siel Bleu already works to achieve Healthy Ireland’s vision with all our classes. Our Exercise, COPD & Me class particularly supports the values and goals of Healthy Ireland, namely inclusivity, empowerment, collaboration, evidence-based approaches, and transparency. ‘Exercise, COPD and Me’, a community based pulmonary rehab programme. The project’s participants are people living with COPD from varying socio-economic backgrounds given equitable, affordable accesses to a physical activity programme designed to help improve their physical, social and psychological wellbeing. Through our innovative partnerships with like-minded organisations, we aim to make our preventative health care solutions accessible and affordable for everyone, irrespective of their economic, social, physical or cultural background.

We are excited to continue the work of Siel Bleu with the support of the Healthy Ireland Network.

Learn more about the Healthy Ireland Network here: http://www.healthyireland.ie/about-healthy-ireland/healthy-ireland-network/


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