Exercise, COPD & Me: The Trainers View

Our Exercise COPD & Me exercise classes are a huge success here at Siel Bleu. We currently have 16 COPD classes running which reach about 350 people.


This week have a lovely piece written by one of our physical trainers, Michelle. Michelle often works with COPD groups and has seen first hand the positive impact it has had on people with COPD.


“As trainers we find new people who join our classes can be a bit apprehensive to join an exercise class as they may be afraid of becoming breathless or have a fear that they will be the only one there feeling a certain way. But as our new participants join, they soon realise that they are capable of exercising at a higher intensity than which they thought. Some people may work at lower intensity than others but they are still surprised at how much they CAN do. Exercise can help improve physical fitness in people with COPD and it can reduce levels of fatigue, this is brilliant as after the class although they may feel tired after the exercise they also feel like they’ve more energy.


Not only does our exercise class provide as service for people living with COPD, it also provides a meeting place for these members to see each other on a weekly basis. The support group is brilliant because it allows people to share stories and symptoms with each other, this helps people to understand COPD more as they realise that they’re not the only one feeling a certain way. On a weekly basis we as trainers see people grow in confidence, we see people making good friends and going out for lunches together or sharing a cup of tea after the class. We really want people to have a place to come to where they feel supported in a safe environment surrounded by their peers.”


Here are some of the quotes from current members of our COPD classes.

“COPD limits breathing and consequently puts limits on ones ability to do normal things like walking up a hill, doing anything that requires physical exercise or even walking the dog. Siel Bleu by introducing indoor walking with leg and arm exercises in a happy social atmosphere is an enormous benefit to COPD suffers. The exercises loosen up the body and people can have a better quality of life” -Peg

“I look forward to my Tuesday class and I feel great after the exercises, we have the added advantage of the friendship we make and share a cuppa and a chat afterwards. It is also good to have competition and make sure were keeping up with the rest” – Mary

A full list of our COPD classes can be found here

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