About Us

Who We Are

We are a social enterprise and a non for profit organisation who transform lives through exercise! We work with older adults, patient groups, community organisations, people living with physical and intellectual disabilities. Our youngest participants are in their twenties with physical or intellectual disabilities and we are privileged to deliver services to a number of centenarians living in Nursing Homes.

We design programmes with a preventative approach that benefits all our service users. We promote autonomy and well being of older people and people living with chronic conditions, ensuring that everyone has the capacity and self-confidence necessary to live independent and happy lives.

Siel Bleu Ireland offers exercise programmes online and in person in Residential and Day Care, with organisations, in communities and also in private homes. Our expert Physical Trainers gauge the ability of each participant and tailor classes to meet their needs. Together this results in programmes which have a real physical, social and psychological impact.

Our Staff

Our team is what makes Siel Bleu Ireland really special. All our Trainers have at a minimum a degree in Sports Science or a related field to ensure they can safely lead each class. Each Physical Trainer is trained to the Siel Bleu standards, which encompass over 24 years of delivering life enhancing exercise programmes to older adults. 

Their education and training ensure they understand participants’ physical conditions and are aware of how to tailor the exercise programmes to gain the maximum benefit for each participant. Our team are empathetic and kind, with the motivation to help older adults improve their lives through exercise. In addition to this our entire team is Garda Vetted and fully insured to deliver Siel Bleu Ireland programmes.

The Siel Bleu Association

Siel Bleu was established in France in 1997 by two Sports Science students who wanted to utilise adapted exercise programmes to fulfil the unmet need for preventative exercises for older adults. With over 24 years of experience delivering these programmes to older adults, The Siel Bleu Association now comprises of 700+ Physical Trainers delivering 180,000 sessions of physical activity in FranceSpainBelgium and Ireland.

Siel Bleu Ireland Vision

Our vision is to create a society where older adults can experience the benefits of physical activity, irrespective of social, cultural or economic background.

Siel Bleu Ireland Mission

Siel Bleu Ireland aims to provide affordable and accessible exercise programmes for all members of Ireland's older population, people living with physical and intellectual disabilities and those living with chronic disease, irrespective of their level of ability or physical health

Siel Bleu Ireland Values

The Board of Directors have agreed the values of Siel Bleu Ireland and publicise them widely (for example, on our website, annual report, employee handbook, reception area). The values are:
  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism

Siel Bleu Ireland Governance


Siel Bleu Ireland is in full adherence with the Governance Code; A Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland. To see the register of compliant organisations and those on their journey to compliance , click here.

Triple Lock

Siel Bleu Ireland are delighted to announce that it has been awarded ‘Triple Lock’ status by the Charities Institute Ireland (CII), reflecting our openness,  integrity and commitment to our members and functioning with high standards of good governance, good fundraising practices and transparency.  Read the full article >>


Siel Bleu Ireland does not currently actively fundraise. However if we were to begin fundraising we would aim to comply with the fundraising principles set out by Charities Institute Ireland


Siel Bleu Ireland is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No: 488914c) with charitable status (Charity Number CHY19489). The registered office is 18 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Our Board

We are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of people with the appropriate mix of skills, knowledge, and experience to support Siel Bleu Ireland. The Board is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Siel Bleu Ireland, with progress and goals reviewed at each Board Meeting.
  • Sinead Lonergan - Board Chairperson
  • James Hogan - Board Member
  • Barry Minnock – Board Member
  • Colin Edwards - Board Members
  • Guillaume Lefebvre – Board Member
  • Jean-Daniel Muller – Board Member
  • Tara Goodwin - Board Member
  • Michael Lynch - Board Member
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