What is Siel Bleu?

Siel Bleu Ireland delivers exercise programmes for older adults and people living with chronic conditions and disability with the aim of improving their physical, social and mental wellbeing

Classes we Offer

Cardio Class

Floor Based Class


Strength & Balance

Mobilty & Balance

Where do the classes happen?

Our classes are conducted on Zoom and participants can enjoy our programmes online in the comfort of their own home!

Who conducts the classes?

Our team of expert trainers who are trained to the Siel Bleu Standards. They tailor the exercise programmes to gain the maximum benefit for each participant. Our team are empathetic and kind, with the motivation to help older adults improve their lives through exercise




Instructions for the Christmas Voucher

●  Input the name of the person who the gift is for
●  Be sure to put your email address to keep it a surprise!
●  Membership will be activated when they’re ready to book a class
●  E-mail us for any queries at info@sielbleu.ie

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