Ex-Board Member Roger Jupp’s Parting Words

As I pen this message, I am filled with pride and gratitude. Serving as the former Chairman of Siel Bleu Ireland board has been a remarkable journey filled with inspiration, growth, and purpose.

Upon joining as Chairman, Siel Bleu was at a critical juncture with a turnover of €267,000 and eight dedicated staff members. Today, I am thrilled to report our impressive progress, with an annual turnover of over €800,000 and 25 dedicated staff members, marking substantial financial growth and national expansion.

Our most notable achievement was the revitalisation of our Board, adapting to the changing landscape with highly skilled professionals. This proved essential as we transitioned from grant dependency to fee-paying services, a challenging but necessary shift.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to Thomas McCabe for his exceptional leadership. He has confronted  many obstacles, including the COVID epidemic and key staff losses, steering Siel Bleu towards a vibrant future.

I am equally grateful to all  the current and past Board members, especially Caroline and Phil, for their dedication. Guillaume, from Siel Bleu France and Europe, has played a pivotal role in supporting our international efforts.

As my journey with Siel Bleu concludes, I reflect with satisfaction on our growth and transformation. Siel Bleu is well-positioned to expand its mission and make a positive impact.

Thank you, our dedicated staff, partners, supporters, and fellow Board members, for your commitment.



Roger Jupp

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