Who are we?

Who Are We?


Siel Bleu Ireland improves the quality of life of older adults, through fun and interactive, tailored exercise programmes. We are all aware of the importance of physical activity but its benefits for older adults can often be underestimated. At Siel Bleu Ireland we believe in challenging mind sets to transform the lives of Ireland’s older population in the long-term, insuring each person has the ability and confidence to live as full, independent and happy lives as possible.

Once adapted to the needs and goals of participants we have found physical activity can have a tremendous impact on not just physical wellbeing but social and psychological as well. Our trainers use their skills and knowledge base to create a fantastic atmosphere that encourages participants to join in. They use their expertise to adapt a programme to suit the group’s needs, e.g. whether for a dementia specific class or for those who would like to improve their confidence in their own ability to walk with our fall prevention programmes.

With a continuous focus on prevention, Siel Bleu Ireland aims to add life to years and years to life!