Our Team

The Siel Bleu Team


Our team is what makes Siel Bleu so successful. They are empathetic and enthusiastic as well as highly educated with at minimum, degrees in sports science, sports psychology or health promotion and most hold masters degrees.

With their expertise and experience, as well as our own “Train the Trainer” programme, we continue to build on each others’ strengths, using the latest research to provide the best possible service.

Our trainers work hand in hand with your care staff, activities coordinators and physiotherapists, whether exchanging observations about participants’ health and mood or helping participants to session, together we ensure maximum benefits for each resident.

Thomas McCabe

National Manager

Carla Piera FitzGerald

Brand and Communications Manager

Martina Carton

Senior Physical Trainer

Andrew McBride

Development Officer

Darren Loftus

Physical Trainer South East

Maggs O’Malley

Physical Trainer Dublin South