Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention


Falls are one of the most prevalent issues in long stay care homes with over 35% of over 65s fall at least once a year. The cost of these falls and their consequences – fractures, hospitalisation, and recuperation  – are rising to 1.7 billion euro. According to the findings of the HAPPIER study, our Fall Prevention programme can reduce the occurrence of


  • One minor fall per resident per year
  • One accidental fall per resident every 18 months
  • One major fall per resident every 5 years


And for those who have already had a fracture, Siel Bleu’s Fall Prevention Programme facilitates the return from hospital and thanks to our exclusive, specific exercises, reduces the reoccurrence of falls.


To prevent a fall, it is necessary to develop awareness: moving better, sitting down and standing up with confidence, being aware of the ground etc. Steps must be taken to change behaviour: to exercise, concentrate and understand. In short it is important to learn preventative behaviour. All aspects of balance are covered in this programme with the aim to give the necessary tools and confidence to each person. If a fall should happen, in spite of everything, the workshop will have taught the participant the correct reflexes to adopt in order to reduce its consequences.



  • Reduces one minor fall per year and one accidental fall
    every 18 months per resident
  • Improves participants’ ability to move around, sit and
    stand with confidence and read the ground
  • Gives the necessary skills and confidence to prevent falls


  • Improve balance and reduce risk of falls
  • Improve gait: lifting the feet, length of stride, stride
  • Stimulate the protective reflexes to prevent a fall &
    increase confidence


  • Flexibility: exercising the relevant joints
  • Resistance: developing the muscles needed to get off
    the ground correctly
  • Prevention of risky behaviour and avoiding potential


  • Residents with good mobility and no cognitive
  • Groups of up to 15 participants max.
  • Total 60 minute session
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