Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention



This programme is designed to improve balance and co-ordination and to develop spatial awareness. Fall prevention aims to increase participants’ self confidence and strength for those who have suffered a fall or want to prevent future falls. To prevent a fall it is important to develop an awareness; moving better, sitting down and standing up with confidence.


All aspects of balance are covered in this programme. The aim is to give each participant the necessary tools and confidence to prevent falls. If a fall should happen, the course will have taught the participant the correct reflexes to adapt in order to reduce its consequences.


  • Improves balance
  • Activate muscle groups for getting up from the ground
  • Activate proactive reflexes in case of a fall
  • Increase self-confidence


  • Flexibility: exercising the relevant joints
  • Stability and balance exercises
  • Increase awareness of risky behaviour and avoiding potential hazards
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