Around the Table Gym

Around The Table Gym


This programme is designed specifically for people with a high degree of dependency.


Currently between 47% and 55% of adults living in nursing homes are highly dependent. As a response to this increasing figure, Siel Bleu has developed the Around the Table Gym programme.


Around the Table is aimed at limiting the amount of time dependent resident spend in bed. By using physical and cognitive stimulation we help to counteract the degree of dependency with the aim to sustain the participant’s capacities. The programme takes place around a table to make it easily accessible for the participants to practice the various activities.



  • Uses cognitive and physical stimulation to counteract dependency
  • Sustains participants’ remaining capacities
  • Takes place around a table so it is easier for participants


  • To improve the overall mental and physical health of participants
  • Counteract the sedentary lives of the more dependent participants
  • Try to break their social isolation and create bonds through group activity


  • Residents with high cognitive impairment and mobility issues
  • Groups of 6 – 8 participants
  • Maximum 45 minute sessions


  • Improve the physical capacity of residents after an illness or injury
  • Suitable for residents with a wide range of pathologies who can benefit from one to one physical training
  • Sessions typically last half an hour and can include family members to improve socialisation
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