Alzheimer’s Gym

Alzheimer's Gym


Physical activity to slow dependency.


Physical activity has a beneficial effect for everyone. But it’s effect for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias can be underestimated. Numerous studies have shown that Adapted Physical Activities can have a positive effect on mood, sleep quality and physical capabilities of people living with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their ability to communicate. Regular physical activity designed to meet the needs of the participant can delay the onset and slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.


Our Alzheimer’s Gym programme offers physical stimulation, increasing participant’s physical and mental capacities. Each session is designed to be as individualised as possible, mixing physical, cognitive and effective stimulation techniques with exercises related to social interactions.



  • Our programmes can delay further onset and slow the
    progress of the disease
  • A full body workout from a seated position
  • Improves mood, quality of sleep, physical capabilities
    and communications


  • Improve general motor skills
  • Reduce confusion and personality disorder
  • Maintain independence, postural control, balance and
    improve social links


  • Sensory stimulation: touch, smell and sight
  • Stimulation of the memory: traditional songs and counting
  • Flexibility and movement


  • Residents with various stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia with no mobility issues
  • Groups of up to 12 participants maximum
  • Total 45 – 60 minutes depending on level of cognitive impairment
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